The Microchip AT27C256R is a low-power, high-performance 256-Kbit One Time Programmable EPROM organized as 32-Kbit x 8.

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      • 256-Kbit (32-Kbit x 8)
      • Low-power CMOS operation
        • Standard power supply range, 5V +/-10%
        • 100 μA max standby
        •  20mA max active at 5 MHz
      • Parallel Interface
        • 45 ns access time
      • High-reliability CMOS technology
        • 2,000V ESD protection
        • 200 mA latchup immunity
      • Rapid programming algorithm – 100 μs/byte (typical)
      • CMOS and TTL compatible inputs and outputs
      • Integrated product identification code
      • Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
      • Available in Green (Pb/Halide-free) Packaging Only
        • 32-lead, Plastic J-leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)

28-lead, 0.600″ wide, plastic, dual inline package (PDIP)


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